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Small does not mean less powerful! The new E16 Every Day Carry (EDC) runs on a single 3.7v rechargeable 16340 or a 3v CR123 non rechargeable.

700 lumens with the rechargeable or 300 lumens with the CR123 yet tiny enough to fit in a pocket, purse or hang on a key chain.



Just in! The new 3 x AA Fenix CL23 lantern in red or green colours, Fenix LD02 V2 1 x AAA penlight with UV and Fenix LD05 V2 2 x AAA Penlight with UV.


Coming soon:

Fenix BC25R Bike Light.

A new commuter bike light from Fenix. 600 lumens, 4 brightness levels plus anti dazzle beam and full weatherproofing.

Check it out here:











New Fenix TK25IR Infra Red / White Torch.

Fenixlight have just released the new TK25IR, a tactical sized 3000mW infra red / 1000 lumen white light torch.

The light features a patented rotating dual reflector system whereby there are either 2 x Cree XP-G2 S3 LED's OR 2 x 1500mW Infra Red emitters aligned with the reflectors at the same time. This allows for double the output of well focused light in a very compact form factor. Simply rotating the head a quarter turn lifts the reflectors from one pair of LED's and drops them in place over the other pair. The light output is disabled until the reflectors are in the output position and laser engraved marks on the head & body of the torch indicate which output mode is activated.

Fenix TK25 IR torch features dual tail switches, the main switch operating ON - OFF and Momentary functions whilst the smaller Mode switch changes brightness levels in both White Light and IR modes. Holding down the mode switch in white light mode gives fast access to Strobe output. With your TK25 IR torch switched off the Mode switch gives instant access to Strobe or 3000mW IR depending on the reflector position.

For Tactical and hunting use, TK25IR is compatible with Fenix AER-03 weapon remote and ALG-00 / ALG-01 rail mounts.

Tk25 IR 1

The torch is supplied with a proprietary quick access / release holster allowing rapid access to light at a moments notice. Just clip in or out.

Tk25IR 2


Fenix Win Red Dot Award 2017 for High Quality Design With The TK72R Flashlight

We are extremely proud to announce that Fenix have won the prestigious 2017 Red Dot Award for High Quality Design.

On March 7, the winners list of the Red Dot Award 2017, also usually referred to as the “Oscar of Design”, was announced.
The leading outdoor lighting brand Fenix, from Shenzhen, China won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 with its newest high-performance flashlight the TK72R, featuring an OLED display screen.
It competed against more than 5500 entries from 54 countries. In the end, it succeeded in winning the favour of the jurors.
This really means a lot to the Fenix brand and Fenixlight Company, and the Fenix product designers and the whole R&D team gained international recognition once again.

Product Name: Fenix TK72R
Max output: 9000 Lumens
Battery: Built-in 14000mAh battery pack
Product length: 155mm Length, 50mm Body diameter
Product weight: 646 grams (including battery)
Product features: Smart OLED display screen, step-less light regulation, charging and discharging function

Here at MyFenix we look forward to the release of this powerhouse in the not too distant future.





27th October 2016

Still busy here at

Arriving soon

The new Fenix HL15 lightweight running headlamp, the Fenix FD41 tactical focus-able torch and the ARE-X1 all in one battery and charger kit.

Already arrived

Torches: - Fenix F15 15th anniversary limited edition model with rose gold plated barrel and engraving, and TK20R rechargeable tactical torch, and the tiny yet powerful UC02 rechargeable micro light.

Mounts: - the ALG-00 quick release weaver/picatinny rail mount.

Chargers: - Fenix ARE-C1+ upgraded version of the original C1 charger and ARE-X2 dual bay USB charger/powerbank

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, many more products are due to be released in time for the festive period.

The MyFenix Team


19th August 2016

Since our last product update, Fenix have been busy! We now have in stock:

Fenix RC / UC Series - RC05 rechargeable torch, RC09 rechargeable torch and UC01 rechargeable torch.

Tactical torches - Fenix TK15 Ultimate edition and TK32 2016 LED torches.

Fenix headlamps - HL10 2016 - 1 x AA headlamp and HP25R dual beam rechargeable headlamp.

Camping lanterns - The CL30R 650 lumen rechargeable headlamp with USB power bank function.

Diving torches - The 1000 lumen Fenix SD20 diving torch.

Many more new Fenix Led lighting  products due soon! Keep your eye on the website.


27th April 2016

Fenix RC11 magnetic rechargeable torch and E20 2015 2 x AA torch now in stock.

RC11-1-E (2)E20-1

05th January 2016

Happy New Year to all our customers.

Just arrived! Fenix BC21R rechargeable cycle light. Neat, compact and self contained with a replaceable 18650 Li-ion battery and USB charging lead. Check it out here!

Fenix BC21R

25th November 2015

In Stock.

Fenix E15 2016: Updated from the original E15 with higher output and now with both CR123 and 16340 battery compatibility.

Fenix CL05 mini lantern: A tiny lantern / emergency beacon with a 3 colour LED and 7 output settings.

Fenix E15 2016 Fenix CL05

24th November 2015

Now in stock: Fenix upgraded LD09 2015 with both AA and 14500 Li-ion battery compatibility.

Fenix LD09 2015

1st October 2015

Fenix have been really busy with new product creation as usual giving us four new items to announce!

Coming soon:



Fenix E25 Ultimate torch: Replaces the outgoing 2 x AA battery E25 rated at 260 lumens with a new model capable of 350 lumens on standard AA batteries and a retina searing 1000 lumens if powered by a pair of 14500 Li-ion batteries.

Fenix RC20 Rechargeable torch: Supplied with a snap-in charging base which can be wall, desk or vehicle mounted, 1000 lumen USB rechargeable RC20 features 4 brightness levels plus strobe, operated by twin tail cap switches. Perfect for security and law enforcement.

Fenix FD40 Focusing torch: A new product line for Fenix. The launch model, FD40 features premium twist to focus optics which deliver a beautifully smooth circular beam whether tightly focused for long distance illumination, set to flood a wide area with 1000 lumens of white light and anywhere in between. 5 brightness levels, strobe mode and durable waterproof construction comple the picture on this exciting new light.

Fenix HL35 headlamp: Unerringly tough, light, powerful and versatile, our new HL35 headlamp is built for whatever the conditions throw at it. Red light mode adds a useful feature and the HL35 can run on either standard AA batteries for convenience or 14500 Li-ion cells for an intense 450 lumens Max from 2 AA size equivalent batteries.


3rd September 2015

Just arrived:


LD22(2015)-1 WebImage100ARE-X1w

13th August 2015

Now in stock:


TK16 TacTK75(2015)AER-03-1ARB-L14-800-1ARB-L16-700-3

16th July 2015

Fenix are holding a Global Testing Campaign for the new TK16 dual tail button 1000 lumens tactical flashlight. If you'd like to get involved please click here to apply as a product tester.

7th Sept 2015

Due in stock today! The new PD35 Tactical with dual mode operation.

1000 lumens in the palm of your hand.

10th June 2015

The brilliant new Fenix CL25R camping lantern will be with us June 18th.

Pre order yours today and light up the camping season.


29th May 2015

We're excited to announce that three new Fenix models will be with us early next week!



7th May 2015

Upgraded Fenix LD41 2015 and TK35 2015 LED torches are now in stock offering increased performance.



12th March 2015

Fenix ARB-L4 26650 batteries are now in stock enabling us to supply the Fenix PD40 as a complete kit.

Due end of March 2015

Latest version of our fast selling TK15, Fenix TK15C flashlight with 450 lumen Cree XP-G2 white LED, 40 lumen Philips Luxeon Z red LED and 95 lumen Philips Luxeon Z green LED.    Also on the way we have the updated 2015 version of our popular HL30 head torch with output increased from 200 to 230 lumens and a new user interface.


Due Monday 16-02-15

Fenix HP40H Hunting head torch. Features both red and white LED's.

02nd Feb 2015

Check out fog360's Fenix E12 flashlight review here:

28th Jan 2015

Latest Fenix products now in stock!

HL23, HP12, HP15 and PD40



31st October 2014

Many thanks to Subwoofer for his excellent review of our Fenix BC30 bike light.

13th October 2014

Thanks to Subwoofer for his impressive review of the unique 1800 lumen Fenix LD50.

Click here to read the review.

08th October 2014

We've just heard from Fenix that our engraved E99Ti's will be shipping around October 10th so should be with us next week. We'll send them out to our customers as soon as they arrive. Thanks for your patience to all our customers who ordered the custom engraved model.

29th September 2014

Great news! Our non engraved E99Ti's have shipped from Fenix and should be with us by Wednesday 01-10-14. Thanks to our customers who have pre ordered the E99. Your new flashlight will be winging its way to you this week.

Our engraved E99's will be with us next week and we'll ship them out asap after they're delivered.

01st September 2014

Fenix E99Ti is now available on our website for pre-order. Fenix are offering a factory engraved option with your own text of up to 32 characters, making the beautiful gift boxed Alpha Titanium E99 an excellent personal gift. Full details here:

28th August 2014

Fenix HL55 headlamp, LD50 torch and Tasmania Tiger holsters have now shipped out to us. Delivery is expected by Monday 01-09-14.

21st August 2014

Coming soon! Fenix HL55 Headlamp, Fenix LD50 1800 lumen torch !

20th August 2014

Now in stock, Fenix SD10 Diving Torch and HP40F Fishing Headlamp.


19TH Aug 2014

Now in stock! Fenix ALB-10 bike mount.

30th July 2014

Just arrived ! Fenix PD35 2014 edition torch, Fenix E20 'just shake it' torch and Fenix ARB-L2P 3200mAh 18650 battery.

PD35 2014 torch now upgraded to an incredible 960 lumens output from its compact 2 x CR123 / 1 x 18650 form factor.

Fenix E20 shake torch with its reliable shake switch, brightness lock function, tactical forward click switch, excellent beam reach and reasonable price is a superb option in our 2 x AA torch range.

Fenix ARB-L2P 18650 battery, a 3200mAh battery at a lower price point than our ARB-L2S 3400mAh cell.


17th July 2014

Fenix LD09 torch and BC30 bike light are now in stock !

Fenix LD09 130 lumen AA torch offering superb Fenix quality and excellent value at just £32.95 and the awesome new Fenix BC30 bike light with 1800 lumen burst mode ! Now in stock.  Click the images below for full details.


30th June 2014

Update - 30th June 2014  All new items are now in stock !

We're excited to announce that Fenix have been really busy with new products and the exquisite new Fenix E05 Stainless Steel keychain torch, UC45 rechargeable and TK32 multi colour LED long throw torch are now in stock ! We're also expecting our stock of the new HL50 AA/CR123 powered head torch and LD02 keychain torch to arrive tomorrow.


13th May 2014

Fenix have just announced their Global Testing Campaign for the new HL50 head torch.

If you'd like to participate as a tester, please follow this link for more information:

Please click the link below to register as a tester:

Product description: Fenix HL50 is a self-contained multi-functional headlamp with strong cold resistance and neutral white light. Neutral white light means superior definition and penetration in high-humidity environments. Pop the lighting head out for handheld or keychain use with the always-ready HL50. It steps in with 365 lumens in Burst mode and the ability to use either CR123A or AA batteries.

May 1st 2014

New Fenix E12 and TK35 Ultimate MT-G2 plus updated 260 lumen Fenix E25 now in stock.

Mar 27th 2013


Just arrived, Fenix E35 Ultimate. Features a blistering 900 lumen burst mode! Retail price only £38.95. Order yours today!

Feb 19th 2014


Fenix TK61 824 metre throw searchlight and BTR20 rechargeable bike lights launched. Our first delivery is due 26-02-14.


Feb 05th 2014

Just in ! Vehicle charging lead for our Fenix ARE-C2 Intelligent Charger. Charge your batteries on the go!

Jan 30th 2014

Latest model in our rechargeable range, the 960 lumen UC40 is now in stock. Also in stock are the updated versions of the Fenix TK35 and TK41, now with Cree XM-L2 LED and 900 lumens output.

Jan 07th 2014

Happy New Year to all our customers. We are pleased to announce the arrival of several new Fenix products. In stock now and ready to ship.

Fenix HL22    Fenix HP01    Fenix HP05    Fenix HP30    Fenix TK12    Fenix TK76

Dec 6th 2013

Fenix PD12 360 lumens compact torch, HP15 500 lumens head torch and ARE-C2 smart Li-ion/Ni-mh charger are now in stock.













Oct 25th 2013

New Fenix products.

Myfenix are delighted to announce the launch of a number of new Fenix products.


Oct 8th 2013

Fenix TK76 Global Testing Campaign

Fenix are running a global testing campaign for their new TK76 high performance torch. Please click the link below for full details of requirements for reviewers and how to participate.

Sept 17th 2013

Fenix UC40 rechargeable torch and upgraded TK75 with XM-L U2 LED's and 2900 lumen output are now in stock.

Aug 29th 2013

Fenix UC40 rechargeable has been launched and will be in stock early September







July 3rd 2013

The MyFenix team are pleased to announce that the Fenix PD35 is now in stock ready to ship

June 18th 2013

MyFenix team are excited to announce the launch of the Fenix PD35. With a stunning 850 lumens output in compact PD series format, PD35 redefines the EDC flashlight genre with extreme performance. Available now for pre-order. Stock due early July. Strictly limited quantity in our first batch !











June 5th 2013

Fenix HP25 Dual-Beam head torch has been launched and is now in stock. With separately adjustable spot and flood beams for situation-specific-lighting, your perfect combination is only a click away! In stock now at MyFenix and our UK dealers.

April 18th 2013

Fenix BT10 bike light,  HL10 1 x AAA head torchRC15 rechargeable duty light and RC40 3500 lumen rechargeable searchlight have just arrived and are ready to ship.

March 18th 2013

The MyFenix team are pleased to announce that Fenix survival whistles NW20 and NW30 are now in stock. Updated LD12, LD22, PD22 and PD32 models with the latest Cree XP-G2 LED have also arrived today and are available to order.

Feb 22nd 2013

Fenix NW20 and NW30 survival whistles have just been announced and will be in stock mid March.


Jan 31st 2013

Fenix PD32 Ultimate, Fenix BT20 Bike Light and Fenix TK75 extended runtime kit are now in stock and ready to ship ! Also in stock are the versatile new AOD-S and AOD-M diffusers.

Jan 22nd 2013

We've received confirmation from Fenix that the Fenix BT20 Bike Light is being delivered to us around Friday Feb 1st. This hotly anticipated new product with dual-distance beam technology is available now on Pre-order to our dealers and retail customers. Pre-order online today and be one of the first in the UK to receive yours ! Expected shipping date Monday Feb 4th.

Also on the way is our second and final batch of the hugely popular PD32 Ultimate Edition 740 lumens compact powerhouse ! Now available to Pre-order. Expected shipping date, Monday Feb 4th.

Jan 8th 2013

Fenix HL10 Headlamp launced and will be in stock late January

Fenix HL10

Dec 3rd 2012

Fenix PD32 Ultimate and TK75 are now in stock. Thank you to our customers for your pre orders which will be shipped by 04/12/12

Nov 12th 2012

Fenix PD32 Ultimate Edition with 740 lumens output has been announced by Fenix and will be available through MyFenix and our dealer network in early December.

Nov 12th 2012

Fenix TK75 has been announced by Fenix and will be available through MyFenix and our dealer network in early December.

Nov 9th 2012

We regret to inform our customers that the Fenix BT10 and BT20 bike lights have been delayed. We will post an update here once we have information from Fenix about delivery dates.

Nov 5th 2012

Fenix E50, TK22 and ARE C1 smart charger are now in stock.

For our retail customers, please select the retail store option from the drop-down box at the top right corner of our website to purchase.

Oct 21st 2012

Fenix BT10 and BT20 bike lights, plus TK22 and E50 have just been officially released and will be in stock early November.






Oct 19th 2012

Fenix ARE-C1 18650 battery charger has been added to our website and will be in stock early November.

Fenix ARE-C1 18650 charger. 2 independent charging channels. Features over charge, over discharge, short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

Sept 14th 2012

We're excited to announce that the new Fenix BT20 Bike Light has moved to the Global Testing Campaign stage and we're expecting the official product launch within 8 weeks.

Sept 3rd 2012:

Fenix E25, E35, LD12 S2, LD22 S2 and PD32 S2 now in stock.

Retail customers, please check out our main online dealers to order.

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August 2012:

Fenix LD41 and E40 now in stock

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