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16 August 2019

MyFenix as a supplier to teams across the UK will be attending the Mountain Rescue Conference 2019 at Leeds Beckett University on 07-08 Sep 2019.















The Mountain, Lowland and Cave Rescue Teams do a fantastic service in all kinds of conditions 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year, giving up their free time in order to help others in need.

The teams are called out by the police to support and aid searches for missing or injured persons. To call out a team, dial 999 ask for police and explain the situation, the police will then make the decision to call out the nearest available and suitable team for the task.

The teams are all charities, staffed by unpaid volunteers, doing this purely from the desire to help others.



3rd February 2017

  MyFenix have been proud to sponsor The Fan Dance race series this year.

The Fan Dance 2017

Thanks go to Ken Jones for sending across his excellent write up of the January event (below) that brings into focus the spirit of those enduring the hardship, camaraderie and grit of such a tough task in the middle of winter. Thanks also to Paul Hutchings for organising our sponsorship.

"You never climb the same mountain twice, not even in memory. Memory rebuilds the mountain, changes the weather, retells the jokes, remakes all the moves."

Flores's beautiful quote always captured my imagination and it also fits well with the stance long maintained by the Directing Staff that no two Fan Dances are ever the same, especially when quizzed on the fastest winter and summer times recorded in the events history.Since our inaugural winter edition in 2013 we've experienced just about every extreme in the British weather with every variation between, with a range of underfoot conditions to match that demand a going status similar to that of horse racing, even though one still wouldn't do justice to the rigours of this famous march. To be surprised though would be to ignore a sixty year history of SAS Selection and why the Brecon Beacons has long been its staging ground, as much for the volatile and fast changing weather conditions as for its demanding terrain. What we experienced in the winter Fan Dance 2017 defied the forecasts and duped all those amateur meteorologists among our Fan Dancers and staff alike. The opening day in the series gave us crisp and clear blue sunny skies that encouraged Load Bearers and Clean Fatigue runners alike to cover most of the course in tee shirts or a thin base layer only, although a small number of the less seasoned mistook windburn for sunburn at the end of it. Weekend two gifted every Fan Dancer with what they all always really wanted even if they didn't realise it until it was over; soft heavy flakes of snow that made for a white and wintry adventure in the high hills in true Special Forces Selection style. In contrast from the weekend before, images captured on the mountain summit could easily be mistaken for an arctic survey, giving a special and other worldly atmosphere and a magical layer of silence, save the crunch of snow under foot, as though the summit RV point and surrounding area had been soundproofed. The prospect of snow always gives added appeal to the hardy souls that are the Fan Dance faithful, but the lure of these alp like conditions seemingly drew every skier snowboarder and toboggan rider in the county onto the slopes of Pen y Fan. It must be an odd experience for our Fan Dancers en route to the summit, to watch skiers setting off the side of Pen y Fan, moving with ease and smiling. Incredible that within a few metres existed people with very different mind-sets and experiences.

In the case of the Fan Dance, the mountain is actually the one constant, no more than a canvas and it is the volatile and variable weather that becomes the colours that help paint out so many great experiences brought down off the high hills, eventually shared as photographs or stories regaled in written or verbal form. Our recent Fan Dance was no exception and we are now in possession of even more memories that we can always refer back to in pictures and words. Nikki Bradshaw, diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer and permanently on crutches battled through the snow on specially adapted crutches in aid of Fighting Fit for Ewings, to complete the Fan Dance in a single day, defying even her own expectations of completing a half of the route over two days. Almost as remarkably, Mr. Mike Doyle celebrated his 80thbirthday on the hills with us as he attempted to become the oldest Fan Dancer ever, but his effort was ultimately thwarted in a selfless act as he returned his injured walking partner to the nearest checkpoint. History was revisited as John Hunter, one of the most well known and loved Fan Dance veterans, a former World Coal Carrying Champion, winner of our inaugural winter edition, and star of the BBC's Ultimate Hell Week fame took the Masters Load Bearing title again, proving that there was indeed still life in the old dog yet.

First onto the mountain and last off, it's always the Directing Staff and their Mountain Safety Team that feel the harsh effects of prolonged exposure to the elements the most but at the same time are so privileged in being exposed to some of the best characteristics in human nature; displays of kindness, courage, determination, sacrifice, perseverance, grit and fortitude. The Fan Dance Series is a place where friends are made for life and on the personal level, this beautiful and historic march has allowed me to meet more amazing people over the last 4 years as I have done through 35 years of my life.

The DS and all at AEE once again extend a special thanks to My Fenix for officially illuminating the Fan Dance High Moon night march (the first and only one of its kind in the UK) and for keeping our Base Camp and pre and post march logistics under light. A thank you on behalf of our category winners who each took home a head lamp or beacon/camp light. Most of all we thank My Fenix for being a great and considered partner while maintaining respect for the heritage of this beautiful march and SAS ethos of humility and excellence, which is the bedrock of AEE and so dear to our Directing Staff team of former Special Forces soldiers.

March Director

Ken Jones


28th Nov 2016

Fenix 2016 customer satisfaction survey

Fenix are now undertaking their 2016 customer satisfaction survey. With great prizes to be won, now is your chance to take part. Please click on the link below for your opportunity to enhance future Fenix products.…

The first prize: 3customers (Award: TK76 Flashlight)

The second prize: 4 customers (Award: LD41 Flashlight)

The third prize: 6 customers (Award: E25UE Flashlight)

Special prize: 35 customers (Award: HL10 2016)

2. Way of the lucky draw: Random drawing

3. Way of participation: click the following link to enter into Fenix online questionnaire system and fill it out:

Fenix 2016 Global Customer Satisfaction Survey…

4. Deadline of the survey and the time of winner list release:

Deadline of the survey is December, 28th, 2016.

The winner list will be released on Fenix official website ( on January 4th, 2017.

5. Time of the awards release: from January 10th, 2017.

Special notes:

1) Fenix will inform the winners by email when the winner list is released. The winners should confirm the mailing address by email before January 8th, 2017. Those who don’t meet the deadline will be considered as giving up the award voluntarily; Everyone only has one chance of winning.

2)The personal information that the survey collected is only for research, we will not release it to the public in any way. Those advice and results that we received from the survey will be owned by Fenix, and Fenix reserves the right of final explanation.

See more

7th June 2017

MyFenix are proud to sponsor the British Carp Cups. Thanks for your support too guys.

Southern Carp Cups

British Carp Cups

31st July 2015

Many thanks to Dave at Geekanoids for his video review of our CL20 camping lantern.

Please click the link below to watch the video.

16th July 2015

Fenix are holding a Global Testing Campaign for the new TK16 dual tail button 1000 lumens tactical flashlight. If you'd like to get involved please click here to apply as a product tester.

31st October 2014

Many thanks to Subwoofer for his excellent review of our Fenix BC30 bike light.

13th October 2014

Thanks to Subwoofer for his impressive review of the unique 1800 lumenFenix LD50.

Click here to read the review.

29th Sept 2014

The MyFenix team are just back from another year exhibiting at The Emergency Services Show. We were kept busy with a lot of interest in our products throughout the 2 days of the show.
Thanks to all who visited us on our stand.

28th Sept 2014

A huge thank you to Hebrides Search and Rescue.
The Fenix TK41's and RC40's the team purchased in 20013 have proven to be utterly durable and reliable whilst delivering outstanding performance in adverse conditions. As a result the guys have now decided to equip with a batch of our Fenix HP05 headlamps.

2nd September 2014

Fenix have just launched their global testing campaign for the new CL20 camping lantern. For full details please click the link below.

3rd July 2014

Fenix 2014 Sponsorship Campaign – “Illuminating the Night” On the Way

As one of the top outdoor brands in the world, Fenix is always focused on developing high quality and reliable lights for the sports industry.  We know that safety is very important for all outdoor enthusiasts, which is why we aim to make the best lighting products in the industry.

In order to spread the word about our high quality lighting products, Fenix is announcing a new sponsorship program for 2014 – “Illuminating the Night.”  Whether you are an experienced trail veteran or an outdoor sports novice, Fenix wants to fulfill your lighting needs so you can share your experience with the world.  If you or your team has plans for a sports activity or adventure, you can apply for Fenix products including flashlights, headlamps, and bike lights.

Activities that would qualify for sponsorship include (but are not limited to): hiking, boating, hunting, camping, biking, rock climbing, distance running, etc.  We look forward to sharing your adventures!

1. Entry Qualifications

1.1 Outdoor sports enthusiasts with at least one upcoming project/expedition that will require use of lighting devices such as flashlights, headlamps, or bike lights.

1.2 Applicants should have an active online presence in forums or other platforms with a wide audience and have the ability to share their experience within their communities.  Applicants must keep a certain post frequency as determined by Fenix.  Fenix will give priority to those who have previous experience reviewing outdoor gears.

2. Sponsorship Setting

2.1 Products available for sponsorship will include (but are not limited to):

Flashlights: TK51, TK35, TK22, TK15, PD35, PD32, LD41, LD22, E35, E25
Headlamps: HP30, HP25, HP15, HP01, HL30, HL22, HL10
Bike Lights: BTR20, BT20, etc

Applicants should specify the quantity and model they would like, and Fenix will determine the final approval based on the applicant’s activity.

2.2 Applicants will also receive free gifts like Fenix reflective bands and stickers.

3. How to Enter

3.1 Visit the official Fenix website ( and fill out the application form for the Fenix 2014 “Illuminating the Night” campaign.

3.2 You will be contacted by Fenix staff for further information regarding your application, if necessary.

3.3 If your sponsorship is approved, the merchandise will be sent out by Fenix staff.

3.4 Complete your outdoor activity using your Fenix merchandise and share your experience using text, photos, and/or videos.  Content must include but is not limited to Fenix brand products.

3.5 Send links of your posts to Fenix staff.

3.6 Every 3 months, Fenix will select one person or team as “Star of the Quarter.”  The “Star” will be announced on Fenix’s official website and Facebook page, and the “Star” will also receive a new Fenix product as a reward.

4. Registration:

Applications will be accepted from April 20th, 2014 to April 20th, 2015


5. Entries Announcement:

New entries will be announced on the Fenix website and Facebook page on the first Wednesday of every month.


13th May 2014

Fenix have just announced their Global Testing Campaign for the new HL50 head torch.

If you'd like to participate as a tester, please follow this link for more information:

Please click the link below to register as a tester:

Product description: Fenix HL50 is a self-contained multi-functional headlamp with strong cold resistance and neutral white light. Neutral white light means superior definition and penetration in high-humidity environments. Pop the lighting head out for handheld or keychain use with the always-ready HL50. It steps in with 365 lumens in Burst mode and the ability to use either CR123A or AA batteries.

08 Nov 2013

You can now find MyFenix on Facebook and Twitter, please click the links here or on our home page to catch up with all the latest Fenix news and communicate with us.


Oct 8th 2013

Fenix TK76 Global Testing Campaign

Fenix are running a global testing campaign for their new TK76 high performance torch. Please click the link below for full details of requirements for reviewers and how to participate.

MyFenix will be attending the Emergency Services Show on September 25th and 26th at Birmingham NEC with the full range of Fenix products on display.

Sept 17th 2013

Fenix HP01 Global Testing Campaign

Fenix are running a global testing campaign for their new HP01 head torch. Please click the link below for full details of requirements for reviewers and how to participate.

                                                           July 19th 2013


Running from July 18th 2013 to December 15th 2013, Fenix design contest is a fantastic opportunity for flashlight fans to get creative and design their own product. $16000 dollars in prizes will be awarded to the winners. For full details please click here, to register click here, to download the application form click here. Please submit your application form to with "Fenix Flashlight Design Contest" in the subject line.

July 3rd 2013

The MyFenix team are pleased to announce that the Fenix PD35 is now in stock ready to ship

June 6th 2013

Snow Leopard Award Expedition

MyFenix / The Photon Shop are proud to sponsor the Snow Leopard Award Expedition in partnership with Fenixlight Limited with a donation of the latest Fenix HL30 and HP25 head torches. Check out the Onfire Adventure site here for the latest updates.

May 28th 2013

Fenix HP25 Global Testing Campaign

Fenix are running a global testing campaign for their superb new HP25 Head torch. Please read below for full details and the application link to participate.

3. Requirements for the Testers
3.1 All kinds of fans, including outdoor sports enthusiasts, or consumers who are well experienced with high end headlamps, etc.
3.2 Individuals who can write reviews or reports for headlamps, edit them with words and pictures, or take videos when they are testing the headlamp.
3.3 Individuals that have already posted more than one review (including but not limited to headlamps)
3.4 Individuals who can post their testing reports on more than one internet media, such as the website of outdoor, flashlight, photography, etc.

4. Tester Registration
4.1 Registration Deadline: From 28th, May to 11th, June, 2013.
4.2 Registration Website:

5. Announcement of the qualified tester list
5.1 Time: June, 12th, 2013
5.2 Website:

6. Requirements for writing and publishing the testing report
6.1 The contents of your reports should include:
A. Description and your personal feeling of the product.
B. Images and video of the products, including appearance, function, details and trial run environment.
C. Description of the testing environment and process.
D. Description of the merits and shortcomings of the product.

6.2 Requirements for publicizing the testing reports:
A. Publicizing time
Testers should publicize the report within 20 days after receiving the HP25, and send the relevant link to Fenix by email for our reference.
B. Website for publicizing
Individuals who can post their testing reports on one or more internet media, such as the website of outdoor, flashlight, photography, etc.

C. Please fill out the Feedback Form after publicizing of the testing report.
7. Notice

7.1 Fenix will contact those selected testers by sending emails. If no replies are received within seven working days, we'll regard them as giving up testing the Fenix product.
7.2 It is preliminarily decided that the HP25 will be sent out in the middle June, 2013(depending on the shipment condition).
7.3 Fenix reserves the rights of final interpretation of this testing campaign.

May 16th 2013

Fenix are sponsoring an "Illuminating The Night Outdoors" campaign enabling outdoor teams involved in camping, climbing, hiking, cross country running etc at night to receive 6 free Fenix products and an accessory for trial. Teams need to comprise a minimum of 15 members to qualify and be active in outdoor forums or other media to share their feedback about the trialled products. Fenix will choose four of the successful teams to each receive prizes valued at £230.00 worth of Fenix lighting tools.

Click here for full details

Please click here to apply

May 7th 2013 

Fenix TK41U2 and RC40 models are now equipping the Hebrides search and rescue team thanks to their outstanding performance, durability and all weather costruction. Please click here to visit the Hebrides SAR website

April 18th 2013

Please click here to read Subwoofers review of the Fenix TK75 on Candlepower Forums

Fenix BT10 bike light,  HL10 1 x AAA head torchRC15 rechargeable duty light and RC40 3500 lumen rechargeable searchlight have just arrived and are ready to ship.

Fenix 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear customers, Fenix are holding their 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey and would appreciate your views. Your input is greatly valued for the development of the next generation of Fenix products and continuing sevice improvements. There are some great prizes on offer including four TK35's and five BT20 Bike Lights.

Please click here to take part 

Latest Fenix reviews. Please click on the links below to read Subwoofers Fenix Product reviews on Candlepower Forums

Fenix HL30

Fenix TK15 S2

Fenix TK22 U2


MyFenix stand at Emergency Services Show 2012


MyFenix will be attending the Emergency Services Show, Stoneleigh Park from November 20th to 22nd. We will be closed during this time and all orders placed during this period will be shipped on Friday 23 November.


Our parellel wholesale and retail stores are now live and can be selected from the top right corner of our website using the drop down box

 MyFenix are pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at The Emergency Services Show, Stoneleigh Park, November 21st - 22nd 2012

MyFenix exhibited at The Tackle & Gun show, October 14th-15th 2012 at Stoneleigh Park.

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