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MyFenix / Photon Shop have distributed Fenix Flashlights and accessories since March 2007 and supply a growing number UK retailers across the country. With our expert knowledge, spare parts stock and excellent warranty back-up, you can buy from one of our dealers or ourselves with total confidence.

Fenix produce only the highest quality products, utilizing the latest in LED chip and driver technology so you can be sure that when purchasing from us, you’ll be supplying your customer with cutting edge, proven and reliable flashlights for Outdoor Sporting, Personal, Police, Tactical, Emergency and every day use.

Fenixlight are leaders in the LED flashlight industry, and since appearing on the market they have produced an outstanding product line. From small beginnings in 2007 our Fenix  product range now includes over 100 lighting products including some of the worlds premier Torches, Focusing Torches, Headlamps, Camping Lanterns and Cycle Lights, plus associated Fenix batteries, chargers and accessories.

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